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Many dogs with anxiety or a mental health disease don't get the qualified professional help they need. It might be out of your client's price range, or it's not clear what kind of help the dog needs.

As a vet, it is important to provide a spectrum of care for your patients. While referral for behavior is always the gold standard, the patients who do not get referral are often left with substandard behavior advice.

ABAdog enables vets to offer clients personalized, affordable behavior advice without them having to see a qualified behavior professional. This provides a low-cost option to include in your spectrum of care.

Using a proprietary software developed by Dr Dennis Wormald, ABAdog converts an online questionnaire into custom dog behavior advice. Because every dog deserves to be happy and understood.

Ideal for

  • Anxiety or fear problems
  • Aggression
  • Separation or noise issues
  • Confusing cases

How it works

  1. The vet sends the owner a questionnaire
  2. The owner completes it in their own time (takes them 30-60 minutes)
  3. The ABAdog algorithm provides a customized written behavior report, including behavior modification advice. The vet also gets a short summary report.
  4. The vet and the owner decide on the next step.

Designed by a leading behavior veterinarian

Dr Wormald designed ABAdog to use for his private dog behavior consultations. After realizing how successful it was, he opened it up for veterinary use in 2021.

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