Dr Dennis Wormald

Dog behavior author, researcher, teacher and veterinarian

Clinical work

  • 2021-present: Working solely in private clinical veterinary behavior referral practice.
  • 2021: Attained membership by examination in the ANZCVS (veterinary behavior).
  • 2010-2021: Worked as a veterinarian in small animal clinical practice, including clinical veterinary behavior work.
  • 2010: Graduated from my veterinary degree at Melbourne University.


  • 2013-2016: Completed a PhD on the topic of "Exploring predisposing factors to anxiety-related behavior problems in dogs" at Melbourne University (see video here).
  • 2006: Completed an honours degree at the Florey Neuroscience Institute, researching behavioral sensitisation in mice.


  • 2023: Authored "A Dedication to Difficult Dogs" - paperback first edition.
  • 2023-present: Publishing dog behavior theory videos online (view here).
  • 2017-present: Presenting/lecturing at conferences and webinars for institutions including the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Sciences (Veterinary Behaviour), the Delta Institute, the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group and more.
  • 2021-present: Member of the Delta Institute Expert Advisory Committee - overseeing and contributing to the development of dog training teaching material.
  • 2015-2020: Lecturer/tutor of veterinary behavior at Melbourne University for DVM students.
  • 2017: Wormald, D., Lawrence, A. J., Carter, G., & Fisher, A. D. (2017). Reduced heart rate variability in pet dogs affected by anxiety-related behaviour problems. Physiology & behavior, 168, 122-127.
  • 2016: Wormald, D., Lawrence, A. J., Carter, G., & Fisher, A. D. (2016). Analysis of correlations between early social exposure and reported aggression in the dog. Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 15, 31-36.
  • 2016: Wormald, D., Lawrence, A. J., Carter, G., & Fisher, A. D. (2016). Physiological stress coping and anxiety in greyhounds displaying inter-dog aggression. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 180, 93-99.
  • 2016: Wormald, D., Lawrence, A. J., Carter, G., & Fisher, A. D. (2016). Validation of modified open field behaviour as a measure of trait anxiety in the dog. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 179, 95-102.

Other endeavours

  • 2018-present: Founded ABAdog.com - entirely programmed/coded the website and launched the business. Now used at over 50 veterinary clinics around Australia to provide custom dog behavior advice that vets can give to owners.
  • Currently developing an automated dog training device to provide classical conditioning using artificial intelligence.

Contact information

  • For public speaking, media, teaching, consulting, or dog behavior appointments, please contact me via this form.
  • Follow me on Twitter: @DennisWormald
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  • Interview about A Dedication to Difficult Dogs on Southern FM radio 2023: click here
  • Melbourne university anxiety study story 2015: click here