Frequently asked questions (by vets)

  1. Whenever a dog needs referral to a veterinary behaviorist, but the appointment is far away or too expensive for them to afford.
  2. Clinic policy could make this mandatory before prescribing anxiolytic medication without prior behavior referral.
  3. If you are unsure whether the dog might need referral and want to gather more information.

Just send behavior questionnaires to all your behavior cases, using the "send now" button on the home screen. Simply tell the client you recommend it, and send it to their email. They can decide to pay for it or not. Don't bother signing in or creating an account if you are just getting started, just start sending it to people! You can always learn more later.

30 - 60 minutes

You send them a link to their email account. It takes about 30 seconds to open, click "send questionnaire" enter their email address and name, then click send.

It depends what kind of link you send them, there are two types you can choose:

  • Paid behavior scan: The vet clinic sells the paid questionnaire link to the owner (RRP $50.00 USD). Contact us or sign up to get the full costings. This is the best way to run it, however if its too complicated there is another alternative below.
  • Unpaid behavior scan: Vet clinic sends an unpaid link directly to the client, and they pay ABAdog the $50.00 USD directly (clinic doesn't make the sale). Owner is slightly less likely to start the questionnaire, but it’s easier to set up for the clinic.

Yes, there are a two exceptions. Dogs must be older than 6 months of age, it is not valid for puppy behavior. Also, the advice may not be applicable for actively working dogs (used for herding, vision assistance etc).

Yes, the right owner would pay a lot more than we charge. Owners who have genuine problems at home or worry about the welfare of their dog will be very interested. Most owners feel like it is worth the price once they have read the report.

We have over 80% satisfaction rating on feedback. This means 80% of owners were happy with the product and felt it was worth the money. 17% of owners were neutral/unsure, and 3% unhappy. (Data from June 2022)

No. The ABAdog can be done prior to referral or where referral is not an option. The advice in the report can be read before the owner attends their referral consultation. While the information in the report will be very useful and correct, there will always be troubleshooting required to implement it well. In many cases, medications will be needed to supplement the advice - a behavior vet is the best choice for this.

Yes, the vet gets an email with the summary report attached. However, in that email there is a link to view the full owner version of the report online.