How to get your dog to happily take a tablet

One of the BIGGEST problems that owners face when giving their dog a tablet, is that doing it manually is difficult. When hiding it in food doesn't work, many people struggle to pop it down the throat like a vet. Hiding the tabelt in food is normally the best way to do it, and there are already lots of useful videos online about doing this. This video is the best method for teaching people how to tablet their dog, just like how a vet does, using your hand. The reason this method works so well, is that it's based on learning theory, and is explained in the video!

Watch the video above, then read below for more information:

  • Remember that each step in the process of teaching your dog to take a tablet should only be started once you are doing well with the previous step.
  • Rushing through to the last step before you are ready will set you back and you may never succeed.
  • Once your dog is okay with you attempting to push the treat down their throat, it may take a while before you are successful. That's okay, as long as you keep giving them a treat every time you try, they should let you keep going.

Written by Dr Dennis Wormald,
Last updated May, 2023