ABAdog® for Dog Owners

Your vet gets the big picture, you get the quality advice

Dog owners are provided with the ABAdog behaviour scan from their veterinarian, which they then complete online in their own time. It is an online dog behaviour questionnaire that aids in management of behaviour cases, particularly where referral is recommended or under consideration. Once complete, it provides a summary report to the vet, and a full behaviour report with customised advice for the dog owner.

How it works

  1. Your vet sends a pre-referral ABAdog® behaviour scan via email
  2. You complete the 30-60 minute online questionnaire in your own time
  3. You receive a full behaviour report with advice based on your responses
  4. Your Vet receives a 1-page summary report of your dog's behaviour
  5. Together with your vet, decide what further action is needed

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