Abadog® features:

Abadog® history is free!

  • Complete Abadog® questionnaire for your dog (30 - 90 minutes). Totally free, no credit card required!
  • Receive a basic assessment of the problems your dog may have
  • Entire questionnaire results available for your referring dog behaviour professional
  • Able to be upgraded to Abadog® premium later if you wish

Abadog® premium $45

  • Includes everything from Abadog® history
  • Your response assessed by qualified Abadog® behaviourist
  • Your response can be used to identify the 23 most common behavioural issues in dogs
  • Full behavioural report generated from your questionnaire response:
    1. Comprehensive plans for each behaviour problem identified, including:
      • explanations of the most likely causes of the problem, with detail about why your dog is behaving this way
      • a list of other possible causes of the problem and links to information on them
      • a range of basic advice on how to best manage the problem
      • links to example behaviour modification protocols
    2. Behaviour modification protocols for each plan that describe step by step techniques to help improve the behaviours
    3. Suggests common health conditions in dogs that could present with similar behaviours to those selected in the questionnaire
  • Tailored referral reports sent to your dog's veterinarian or trainer upon completion of the questionnaire.

Complete the Abadog® questionnaire now for free!*

*questionnaire is fun and free! Also includes basic report, however the full premium report requires credit card payment of $45 Australian