Behaviours covered by Abadog®

Before starting the Abadog® questionnaire, you should try to look out for your dog displaying any of the behaviours below. In the questionnaire, you will need to identify all the behaviours from this list that you see your dog display.

  1. Barking
  2. Growling
  3. Biting (or snapping)
  4. Howling
  5. Whining
  6. Trembling (shaking)
  7. Panting (without being hot - and not after exercise)
  8. Pacing (walking around and unable to settle)
  9. Yawning (not including just before bed time)
  10. Withdrawing or hiding (backing off or hiding or going under or behind things to get away)
  11. Lip licking (licking own lips - other than after eating or drinking)
  12. Licking other things excessively (people, animals, objects or nothing)
  13. Cowering
  14. Freezing (standing still, stiff and not moving)
  15. Grooming excessively (eg. licking, biting, sucking, plucking or chewing at him/her-self)
  16. Overexcitement
  17. Circling (obsessively spinning around in small circles or chasing tail)
  18. Running laps (obsessively/repetitively, around enclosure, yard or house)
  19. Chasing (eg. chasing lights, animals, nothing, shadows)
  20. Mounting or sexual behaviours
  21. Surface avoidance (eg. hates walking on stairs or tiles or other floor surfaces)
  22. Escaping (running away, disappearing etc.)
  23. Digging
  24. Swallowing, chewing or eating inappropriate things (eg. rocks, doors, shoes, toys, faeces/poo, furniture)
  25. Destructive behaviour (scratching, shredding, tearing)
  26. Urinating inappropriately
  27. Defecating inappropriately
  28. Pulling on lead
  29. Jumping up on people or furniture