Give owners reliable and affordable behaviour advice

Abadog® is the most advanced behavioural assessment reporting tool for dogs

Abadog® is built with PhD-level knowledge of dog behaviour, providing reliable and trustworthy advice

Abadog® allows all veterinarians to provide a comprehensive and personalised dog behaviour management plan for clients. Advanced knowledge of dog behaviour is not required. The client will be matched with a trainer or veterinary behaviourist (as you see fit) to manage the case.

Two simple ways your clients can use Abadog

  1. Simply recommend the owner visits and completes the Abadog® questionnaire for their dog. Advise them to enter the email address of your clinic before starting the questionnaire. You will automatically be sent a referral report upon completion. Once the client has finished, they can select a local accredited dog trainer or veterinary behaviourist to complete the consultation.
  2. Log on to your Abadog® account and enter the client's email address to invite them directly. You can also recommend a trainer or veterinary behaviourist to manage their case.

How it works

Once an owner has completed the Abadog® questionnaire, their behavioural history will be available for their behaviourist. The behaviourist will confirm the likely behavioural diagnoses and then they will receive the Abadog® report and you will automatically receive a referral report (if they have entered your email address). This is an excellent time for the dog to have a veterinary consultation. During the consultation the dog can have a veterinary checkup, and discussion with the owner about further options such as medications or further veterinary behaviourist referral.

The Abadog® report provides the owner with a roadmap for dealing with behaviour problems in their dog. The report is usually over 100 pages long (20k – 35k words), and completely personalised to the dog. It includes all of the following: