ABAdog® for Veterinarians

Save time, streamline referral, give safe advice

Veterinarians in general practice find dog behaviour difficult and time consuming, ABAdog provides the solution. The ABAdog® behaviour scan is a tool that enhances the ability of any GP veterinarian addressing dog behaviour concerns. It's an online dog behaviour questionnaire completed by the owner. Based on their answers, vets get a concise and useful behaviour history summary. The owner gets a personalised behaviour modification plan - the absolute minimum for any dog on long term behaviour medications.

How it works for the veterinarian

  1. You send the owner an ABAdog® Behaviour Scan link
  2. Owner completes the questionnaire in their own time (online)
  3. You receive a 1-page summary report of the dog's behaviour
    • Provides a concise summary of the problems they have, speeding up your history
  4. Owner receives a personalised behaviour modification plan
    • Gets them started with quality advice that's force-free and pro-welfare
    • Makes work up (bloods), medication, training and referral easier to discuss
  5. Provide informed recommendations such as medication or referral

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Data on the effectiveness of ABAdog

During the questionnaire, people rate the severity of their dog's behaviour problems. Here is how people respond:

A few weeks after reading the behaviour report, people are asked the same question, and here are how their answers change:

Very severe

Moderately problematic

Slight issue

*data current as of september 2021