ABAdog® for Veterinarians

Save time, streamline referral, give safe advice

The ABAdog® behaviour scan is a tool that enhances the ability of any GP veterinarian when addressing a dog behaviour concern. It is an online dog behaviour questionnaire completed by the owner that gives you the behavioural history before the consult even starts. It also provides the owner with a personalised behaviour modification plan - the absolute minimum for any dog on long term behaviour medications.

How it works for the vet

  1. Owner books consultation regarding a behaviour issue
  2. You send the owner an ABAdog® Behaviour Scan
  3. Owner completes the questionnaire in their own time (online)
  4. You receive a 1-page summary report of the dog's behaviour
    • Provides a concise summary of the problems they have, speeding up your history
  5. Owner receives a personalised behaviour modification plan
    • Makes work up (bloods), medication, training and referral easier to discuss
  6. Owner arrives for consultation

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